Trainee Days 2019

27. Jun 2019

Trainees present their companies to each other.

Trainee Days 2019

It all started at 7.00 am. Our apprentices welcomed the trainees of the companies Leicht + Müller pressing technique, Heco stainless steel and Kunzmann machine building. They introduced the Eugen Geyer Company and showed the guests the production facilities. These got to know, how to weld a metal strip into a tube shape and how to produce a tube with tightest tolerances by using the manufacturing process of cold forming. The guests appreciated that.

After a short refreshment with pretzels and drinks, the group went on to Leicht + Müller in Remchingen. The trainees of Leicht + Müller also introduced their company. Further on the group visited the company-group heco, hecoform and heltec as well as Kunzmann in Nöttingen.

In the end all were in full agreement that it was a interesting day with many impressions. It was fun, to get an insight into the other companies and to gain experience.