Well informed

23. Okt 2019

At the apprenticeship exchange in Wilferdingen.

Ausbildungsbörse Wilferdingen

Also this year the Eugen Geyer GmbH was represented at the apprenticeship exchange in Wilferdingen. It took part from 18.00 until 20.30 in the cultural hall of Remchingen. Our trainee Gabriele and training manager Natasa Lemp were available for questions concerning the apprenticeship at Eugen Geyer GmbH. The Eugen Geyer GmbH offers following apprenticeships: metal process technologist, tool mechanic, industrial clerk. This year about 60 companies, public institutions and schools took part at the exchange.

The apprenticeship exchange is a good thing, because interested pupils and parents have the possibility to meet the contact persons of the companies directly and ask them about the details.