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26. Nov 2019

Closing ceremony of the BWK Metall 2019

BWK Metall Aschlussfeier

Yesterday evening about 60 pupils of the Willy-Brandt-Realschule (Königsbach-Stein) and the Konrad-Adenauer-Realschule (Pforzheim) presented their final work at the closing ceremony of the BWK Metall 2019. They produced a metal chessboard and refined the surface in two colours. Each field is marked with the name of a participant.

200 guests were invited, among them pupils, parents, teacher, participating companies, representatives of the employment agency, representatives of the employers association SÜDWESTMETALL as well as the project managers of BBQ. Everybody agreed, that the project is an excellent thing. On one hand the pupils could receive an inside into different companies of the metal sector and thus into different apprenticeship. On the other hand the companies could awake the interest of the pupils for the apprenticeship in their factories.