Latest info about Corona

17. Apr 2020

Eugen Geyer continues to deliver.

Aktuelle Informationen

In view of the current developments in the fight against the coronavirus, we would like to inform you that our ability to deliver is still ensured. We obtain most of our starting materials from Germany and neighboring countries. Due to the stockpiling of a large number of starting material dimensions, we do not have any short-term bottlenecks. However, we continuously check the supply situation of our suppliers in order to identify possible bottlenecks in time and to minimize the impact on the supply chain.

We took protective measures within the plant at an early stage: employees were educated about hand hygiene, sneezing and coughing etiquette. Sufficient washing and disinfection facilities are available. Where possible, we have separated workplaces and set up home offices. Plexiglas partitions have been installed in the goods delivery and collection areas and on machines where employees face each other. In addition, working hours and break times have been reorganized to keep contacts to a minimum. With these and other measures, we want to keep the possibilities of infection internally as low as possible.

We can still be reached at 07232/3047-0 or

We wish and hope that the situation will return to normal as soon as possible.

Stay healthy!