alumina systems gmbh

Alumina Systems GmbH based in Redwitz and Hradec Králové (Czech Republic) employs around 160 employees and produces customized ceramic – to – metal composites. For power semiconductors with housings up to 6“ in diameter Alumina Systems GmbH supplies technological high-tech markets and produces more than 200.000 components per year from mass production brazing processes. Core technologies like dry pressing, metallization, active and passive brazing on belt and batch furnaces and galvanic finishing is also used to produce components for myriad other cutting-edge industries such as vacuum, laser, sensor, x-ray, plasma, medical, accelerator and measurement sytems.

Alumina Systems GmbH purchases nickel-based alloy parts from Eugen Geyer in various forms like bars or tubes in fixed length. Partially the parts are further processed by Eugen Geyer with chamfer, rounding and cut outs. Alumina Systems GmbH sees the advantage in ordering small quantities and according to drawing. In addition, the company appreciates the comprehensive advice provided by the sales staff of Eugen Geyer GmbH and their customer-specific solutions.


Alumina Systems GmbH
Alumina Systems_office in Redwitz
Alumina Systems_ceramic current feedthrough