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BBQ - Bildung und Berufliche Qualifizierung

Eugen Geyer has been involved in the Vocational Compass Metal project since 2013. It is geared towards students of the 8th grade at secondary modern schools and is carried out in close cooperation with metal-processing companies. Through project work and on-the-job experience in companies, the project supports students in choosing a profession and makes the commercial technical professions in the metal industry more appealing. The project is organized by BBQ Bildung und Berufliche Qualifizierung gGmbH. It is financed by the Job Centre, the SÜDWESTMETALL employers’ association and cooperating companies.

For Eugen Geyer this means that for 8 days, 30 students from the Willy Brandt School in Königsbach-Stein and the Carl Dittler School in Remchingen are given an insight into the company. The students produce their own mini golf club in the tube drawing and tool making departments at Eugen Geyer GmbH: This club is then put to the test in summer in the final mini golf tournament at the Adventure Golfpark in Remchingen.

Training manager Nataša Lemp is really impressed by the project. On the one hand, students can gain an insight into different companies in the metal industry and thus also in various vocational jobs. On the other hand, the companies have the chance of sparking an interest in the young people for a trainee position in their company. Thanks to the Vocational Compass Metal programme, Eugen Geyer has been able to gain a total of 9 new trainees from past projects.