nickel silver

Nickel silver is the name given to a copper-nickel alloy with a high resistance to corrosion, tensile strength and appearance similar to silver. Nickel silver is in particular used for tableware, musical instruments, metal fittings and jewellery.

Material designation Material abbreviation Outer-Ø (mm) up to seamless extruded welded redrawn annealed
CW403J CuNi12Zn24 20 x

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Irrespective of whether you need tubes, tube fittings, profiled tubes, compound tubes, rods or finished parts, we produce semi-finished metal parts from Nickel silver – customised to your requirements. Profit from our extensive production depth, small quantities, high quality materials and short delivery times. Would you like a customised product or further processing? Give us a call. Our sales team will be happy to advise you.