blackforestwave e.v.

blackforestwave e.V.
blackforestwave e.V.
river wave - surfing in Pforzheim

Eugen Geyer GmbH is a partner of the blackforestwave e.V. association, which is currently focussing on building an immobile river wave for surfing in the middle of the city of Pforzheim. The idea was born when the association’s founders, Steffen and Clemens, were working on a project at Pforzheim University. The aim is to make rivers a more predominant part of city life. The wave is located at the Metzelgraben canal near the Kupferdächle youth centre in the vicinity of the Pforzheim city park.

In autumn 2018, the association was granted permission to build the foundations and the authorization for the use of the location. Due to a revision of the technical concept in 2019, the construction of the system had to be postponed. The second construction phase started in 2020. The construction of the system took months of work and required the support of many partner companies. The system is designed around a steel frame with lowerable elements which is based on a hydraulic system. This enables the wave to be freely set to different water levels. The wave is 4.5 metres wide and surfing will be possible during certain operating hours and dependent on the water level.

We have the utmost respect for the members of the association who have invested a great deal of energy into the project and in spite of several hurdles have not given up. The opening depends on the Covid-19 development and the related construction and planning progress. We are proud that we were able to support such a project and are keeping our fingers crossed that it can soon be unveiled.

blackforestwave e.V.