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Texpart Technologies was founded in 1994 by Jacques Nicolle and has its head office in Lisses near Paris. 2012 Olivier Nicolle has taken over the company, which provides precision aluminum profiles, precision microtubes and precision turned parts. Therefore it uses technologies like metal injection moulding, lost-wax casting and precision die-casting. The medium-sized family company supplies the following industries: automotive, aviation and medical technology.

Texpart Technologies represents Eugen Geyer GmbH on the French market. The company purchases different products from Eugen Geyer GmbH from the whole product range in various alloys, such as stainless-steel profiled tubes and compound tubes. Since these components are used in the aviation industry, among others, the tightest tolerances and defined cleanliness levels must be maintained. Texpart relies 100% on Eugen Geyer GmbH, which delivers impeccable quality.

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