Copper is a relatively soft metal which can be shaped easily and yet is still hard-wearing. It is used for many different purposes as an excellent heat and electrical conductor. Copper is used in electrical engineering, refrigeration and air conditioning, in apparatus engineering as well as mechanical engineering.

Material designation Material abbreviation Outer-Ø (mm) up to seamless extruded welded redrawn annealed
CW004A Cu-ETP 40 x

x x
CW009A Cu-OFE 40 x

x x
CW021A Cu-HCP 40 x

x x
CW024A Cu-DHP 40 x

x x

Irrespective whether tubes, profiled tubes, compound tubes, rods or finished parts, we can supply you with OFE copper with a residual oxygen content of < 2 ppm. Profit from our extensive production depth, small quantities, high quality materials and short delivery times. Would you like a customised product or further processing? Give us a call. Our sales team will be happy to advise you.