Andreas Schwender

Managing Director Andreas Schwender

“One of the most important pillars of our company are our employees, who are backed by many years of experience and a great amount of expertise. With a training quota of approx. 10%, we support our own young talent and ensure that our comprehensive know how gets passed on and is advanced.

Every year, we invest in new machines and plants such as the purchase of the welding plants for longitudinally welded stainless steel pipes in 2017, the acquisition of new drawing benches and straighteners in 2019 and 2020 and the further development of automated robot work places in 2020 and 2021. We are backing digitization and automation.

This enables us to react flexibly to the changes in the market and ensure that you are also satisfied with the quality of our products in the future.”


1999    Mechanical engineering degree - Karlsruhe University for Technology &     Business
1999    Student job - Eugen Geyer GmbH
2005    Technical sales representative– Eugen Geyer GmbH
2007    Production manager – Eugen Geyer GmbH
2011    Production manager/prokurist – Eugen Geyer GmbH
2018    Managing director – Eugen Geyer GmbH

Lorenz Geyer

Managing Director Lorenz Geyer

“We are working tirelessly at extending our success of the last few years and are looking positively towards the future. With the introduction of the new ERP software in 2019 and the paper-free office in 2020 we were able to optimally use state-of-the-art information technology in organization and production.

Thanks to the constant expansion of our quality assurance in terms of personnel and technology, we are safeguarding our processes and today are in a position to offer you a wide array of special statutory and regulatory requirements on a project-related basis for our semi-finished metal products.

We are particularly proud of the fact that our flexibility in relation to product portfolio and small quantities are in unison with our quality management system and the certification.“


1989    Process mechanic - Wieland-Werke AG, Ulm
1990    Accounting & Arts - Georgia Southern University, USA
1995    Dipl.-Betriebswirt (FH) - Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences Manufacturing economics
1995    Managing director - Eugen Geyer GmbH