hochform e.v. - company network for precision technology

Hochform e.V. members
Centre for Precision Technology

Eugen Geyer GmbH is a founding member of the Hochform e.V. association which was founded in 2018 from the cluster initiative Hochform. The association is a company network geared towards strengthening the positioning of precision technology companies and their skills, both in the Pforzheim and Enz region as well as beyond, promoting technology transfer and innovation, acquiring urgently needed specialist workers and also supporting the Centre for Precision Technology as a key measure.

A total of 62 companies from the region have now joined the association. The offices of Hochform e.V. are located at the municipal company Wirtschaft und Stadmarketing Pforzheim (WSP), which coordinates and implements the projects and measures of the association. Hochform e.V. regularly organizes specialist events aimed at exchanging knowledge and networking. The Hochform members present joint exhibits at trade fairs in Germany and abroad. In working groups the companies exchange experiences with chambers of commerce and universities on topics such as technology, personnel and marketing.

It is planned that the “Centre for Precision Technology” (ZPT) will open in late summer 2021 which pursues the goal of creating a contact point for precision technology companies in the Pforzheim, Enz district and Northern Black Forest business region with research, consulting and service offers.

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