Production range

Profiled tubes

Special profiles are needed in all kinds of different areas, e.g. endoscope tubes in medical technology or rectangular tubes in induction and inductor design. Thanks to the drawing production technique we are able to offer a wide array of design options. Thanks to its high degree of dimensional accuracy and good surface quality, the production of drawn profiled tubes is now considered to be one of the most effective and economical manufacturing processes. It is a cost-effective alternative to metal-cutting production.

Whether round or square, hexagonal or octagonal, oval or conical, we produce profiled tubes in all kinds of different alloys customised to your needs. Thanks to our adjustable tools we offer lap joint dimensions for the most part without any additional tool costs. Send us your enquiry and profit from small order quantities and short delivery times.

Endoscope tubes stainless steel
Profiles non-ferrous metal
Profiled tubes stainless steel