Social Sponsoring Pforzheim and Enzkreis working group

AG Sozialsponsoring
AG Sozialsponsoring

Already for the past 15 years, Eugen Geyer has been supporting the Social Sponsoring working group. The working group is a conglomeration of currently six different charitable associations of independent voluntary organizations and was founded in November 1998. They include Q-PRINTS&SERVICE gGMBH, Raphael-Schule Pforzheim e.V., Familienzentrum AU, Pforzheimer Waldkindergarten am Wildpark e.V., pro familia Pforzheim e.V. and Familienbildung Westlicher Enzkreis e.V. They are supported by 15 companies located in the region with annual sponsoring contributions. This sponsoring income flows into the social work in the fields of children, youth and family aid, school education, family education as well as vocational support. The voluntary managing directors are Edith Münch and Ute Hötzer.

In 2019, Eugen Geyer was awarded the accolade of social sponsor of the year. CEO Lorenz Geyer believes that social sponsoring is an important link between business and the community and a good opportunity to get involved in social work locally in Pforzheim and the Enz district.