Bronze is a copper-tin alloy with at least 60% copper share. The commercial production of bronze began between 2500 and 2000 BC in the Middle East. Bronze is therefore one of the first alloys created and used by man and plays an important role in the history of people. Today bronze is used in mechanical and tool engineering, in electrical engineering and drive technology as well as in medical technology. Also the chemical and food industries use the anti-corrosive and wear resistance properties offered by bronze.

Material designation Material abbreviation Outer-Ø (mm) up to seamless extruded welded redrawn annealed
CW452K CuSn6 10 x

x x
CW453K CuSn8 20 x

x x
Irrespective of whether you need tubes, tube fittings, profiled tubes, compound tubes, rods or finished parts, we produce semi-finished metal parts from bronze – customised to your requirements. Profit from our extensive production depth, small quantities, high quality materials and short delivery times. Would you like a customised product or further processing? Give us a call. Our sales team will be happy to advise you.