Practice afternoon

01. Mär 2023

Pupils explore apprenticeship professions at BWK Metall practical afternoon

BWK Metall

Finally, normality returns! Compared to last year, the BWK (Berufswahlkompass) Metal practice afternoons are taking place this year without any Corona restrictions at all. At the first practical afternoon yesterday, three students from the Willy-Brandt-Realschule, Königsbach-Stein and the Carl-Dittler Realschule, Wilferdingen made their own miniature golf clubs in the Eugen Geyer GmbH tube train and tool shop. This gave them a small insight into the apprenticeship professions of process technologist metal and toolmaker.

They were supported by training officer Fabian Petri and apprentice Yannick Sarnecki. The students were accompanied by Ms. Andrea Rudolph, project manager of BBQ Bildung und Berufliche Qualifizierung gGmbH. In the following weeks, another 8 practical afternoons are planned at the Eugen Geyer company.

Training manager Nataša Lemp is glad that the BWK Metall project is taking place again this year, because it makes a decisive contribution to career orientation. It enables the students to gain an insight into companies in the metal industry and thus also into various apprenticeship occupations. On the other hand, the companies have the opportunity to get young people excited about training in their company.