Camera rolling!

09. Mai 2023

Shooting of the new Eugen Geyer corporate film

Filmdreh Imagefilm

Today the shooting for the new Eugen Geyer corporate film took place. From early morning until late afternoon, filming took place throughout the company. The film team around Andreas Fieser from Prestigefilm in Karlsruhe had a tight shooting schedule. Whether in the stainless steel area, in the non-ferrous metal area, in the further processing or in the administration - nothing was safe from the camera.

The film provides information about Eugen Geyer GmbH and its products (company, product portfolio, manufacturing processes, quality, sustainability, vision). Soon, the film will be available on the company's own website, but also in shorter versions on social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn and XING.

In addition to the managing directors Lorenz Geyer and Andreas Schwender, many employees of Eugen Geyer GmbH also contributed to the film. Despite the tight schedule, the film team and the employees had a lot of fun. We are already looking forward to the result!