AOK company run

17. Mai 2023

the Eugen Geyer team at the AOK company run in Pforzheim

AOK Firmenlauf

According to the motto 'We pull it through', the Eugen Geyer GmbH team took part in the AOK company run in Pforzheim yesterday with 13 runners. The runners met at the start at 5.30 pm for a group photo. After a short warm-up, the starting signal was given at 6 pm for the 5 km course, which led once through the Enzauenpark. It was a bit chilly at 13°C, but it stayed dry, which everyone was happy about.

At the finish line, a medal was handed out and non-alcoholic drinks were served. Afterwards, everyone went to the beer garden in the Enzauenpark for refreshments. Congratulations to all for the great running times and also for the good team ranking!