Health Day 2023

20. Jun 2023

AOK informs employees about health

Gesundheitstag 2023

The Health Day today at EugenGEYER took place for the first time. A team from the AOK was on site with the yellow AOK Health Truck and informed the employees at various stations about the topics of stress, nutrition, exercise and relaxation.

At a 5-second buzzer, for example, they could test their stress level. In addition, they could test their own reaction time with the 'Fitlight' buzzer. For this, the employees had to press several light buzzers as often as possible in a given time. Those who wanted to could have their antioxidant level measured, which provides information about the body's defences and immune system. Depending on the value, the employees then received a small nutritional tip on immune defence.

The biggest surprise at the end was the quiz about the sugar content in drinks and packaged food. "That quickly adds up to a daily mountain of sugar cubes," noted Managing Director Lorenz Geyer. The programme was varied and entertaining and was very well received by the staff.

Managing Director Lorenz Geyer says: "The health of our employees is very important to us, which is why we support health promotion in the company. Since the offer was very well received, we would like to offer the health day again next year."