Eugen Geyer - Mini golf tournament 2023

14. Jul 2023

Pupils testing the self-made minigolf club

BWK Minigolfturnier 2023

Will the self-made mini-golf clubs pass the practical test? The 22 pupils from the Willy-Brandt-Realschule in Königsbach-Stein and the Carl-Dittler-Realschule in Wilferdingen put the clubs to the test today at the EugenGEYER mini golf tournament at the Adventure Golf Park in Remchingen. Eugen Geyer GmbH organises the tournament every summer at the end of the BWK (Berufswahlkompass) Metal Practice Days.

On a total of 10 practical days, the pupils gained insights into different companies in the metal industry and thus also into different apprenticeship occupations. At Eugen Geyer, the pupils made their own mini-golf clubs in the trube drawing and toolmaking department.

The students were very curious to see whether they could master the 18 holes of the adventure golf course with their own club, but the club passed the practical test successfully. At the subsequent award ceremony, one team was awarded the Fariness Prize in addition to the best teams.

The students were accompanied by Nataša Lemp, the training manager at Eugen Geyer, by their teachers and the project manager at the BBQ. Everyone is enthusiastic about the project. Through the BWK Metal Practical Days, the Geyer company has already been able to recruit a total of 10 young people for training. And the schools are also grateful that the students get an insight into the companies here and can orientate themselves towards training.