All's well that ends well!

25. Jul 2023

Antonio Canzoneri and Yannick Sarnecki successfully complete their apprenticeships

Zeugnisübergabe 2023

Training manager Nataša Lemp proudly presents the certificates to Antonio Canzoneri and Yannick Sarnecki.

Yannick began his training as a process technologist in metal at Eugen Geyer GmbH in September 2020 and completed it with a very good overall result after a shortened training period of 3 years. He came to Eugen Geyer via the BWK Metal project, in which pupils spend an afternoon of practical training at the company. Yannick completed most of his training in the non-ferrous metal area and will also be taken on in this specialist area.

Antonio started his apprenticeship as a machine and plant operator in September 2021 and completed it with a good result after the regular training period of 2 years. Antonio came to Eugen Geyer through his uncle Roberto, who also works at the company. After a one-week internship, he finally applied for an apprenticeship. Antonio completed his training mainly in the stainless steel area.

Head of training Nataša Lemp is very pleased with the good results of the final examination and wishes Antonio and Yannick all the best for their future careers. The managing directors as well as the department heads are also very proud that with Antonio and Yannick two motivated and committed young people have successfully completed their training in the company.

Photo: (from left to right) Nataša Lemp (Training Manager), Antonio Canzoneri, Andreas Schwender (Managing Director), Markus Fray (Head of Stainless Steel Department)
Small photo in the overview: (from left to right) Nataša Lemp (training manager), Alexander Simon (head of the non-ferrous metal department), Fabian Petri (trainer), Yannick Sarnecki, Andreas Schwender (managing director), Robin Bartsch (trainer).