The Company


A sustainable use of resources is paramount for us. The technical investments in the new construction of the production facilities in Remchinger Strasse 9 in Königsbach essentially were aimed at saving energy. We use power from our own solar plant and highly value environmentally friendly production and material-specific recycling.



When producing semi-finished metal products, we generally feed the waste materials generated to the recycling process:

  • We collect metal waste products according to type and deliver them fully to the pre-material suppliers and recyclers to be re-melted.
  • As on principle we do not use any acids during the production of the semi-finished products, the disposal of materials hazardous for water is limited to cooling lubricants and CFC-free metal cleaners. The disposal and recycling is carried out exclusively by specialist companies.
  • We collect all other waste products according to type and dispose of them correctly.
  • We predominantly supply packaging materials from recyclable materials. In the case of freight free delivery, we credit wooden boxes in perfect condition minus an exchange fee.

Power from regenerative energy

Strom aus regenerativen Energien

We use the roof surfaces of our production facilities with the assistance of a photovoltaic system to produce power. With more than 450,000 kWh per year yield we produce more than 50% our power requirements from our own energy. The remaining electricity demand comes from renewable energies. Eugen Geyer GmbH is certified 100% green electricity with RenewablePLUS. Through the climate-neutral production of electricity, we make a significant contribution to reducing CO² emissions and thus to climate protection.